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One of the many benefits of homeownership is being able to host friends and families or other guests at your home.  This may be for a casual get together or a formal event but either way, it can be incredibly fun and enjoyable to gather guests at your home.  When the weather is pleasant there is no better way to entertain guests than by spending time enjoying the beautiful day or evening in your own backyard.  But, a big backyard that only has grass or gravel will not really be an ideal setting for entertaining.  A backyard that is made for entertaining has different areas of interest that accommodate guests and make for a fun and relaxing time spent outside.  Below we discuss three ways to instantly make your yard the perfect place for entertaining guests.

1. Fire Pit or Fireplace

  • A fire pit will attract people of all ages.  Children and adults alike will enjoy spending time around a beautiful fire relaxing, talking or even makes s’mores.  No matter what size yard you have, you can design a fire pit or fireplace that will enhance your landscape.  Whether you prefer a rustic look or are more modern in your tastes, your fire pit or fireplace can be completely customized for your home.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

  • What could help you entertain guests more than an outdoor kitchen?  Rather than spending the whole time cooking food inside while your guests enjoy the beautiful weather you can cook great food while entertaining guests and never missing a beat of the gathering outside.  An outdoor kitchen can be designed to your particular tastes, budget and entertaining style.  Whether you want just a grill with a surface to work and set down drinks and appetizers for guests or whether you want to recreate your kitchen outside, it can be done.  In your outdoor kitchen you can install great lighting so that you can be working in your kitchen even if it is dark, a grill, a small refrigerator, a sink, even a dishwasher!

3. Swimming Pool

  • If you have a yard that can accommodate a swimming pool you should absolutely have one installed.  You, your family and your guests will be able to spend hours of time enjoying your swimming pool.  Whether it is for play or great low-impact exercise, a swimming pool is a great investment.  It increases your home’s value and can be enjoyed year round.  This is because, even though it may be too cold to swim in the winter, you can host great parties and gatherings around your beautiful pool and it will be a lovely setting.  If you choose to have a pool heater installed you could even swim in your pool all year long!  A swimming pool makes for a great time entertaining family and friends of all ages and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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