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A well designed landscape is often a direct reflection of the homeowners ideal landscape oasis.  For some, this is a serene and tranquil escape and for others it is filled with outdoor activities and fun.  Whatever that perfect landscape is for you, one way to create beauty, relaxation, visual interest and fun is with a water feature.

When choosing to install a water feature in your landscape you must first determine placement and intended use.  If the water feature is being placed in a quiet garden for relaxation you will want a water feature that reflects and enhances that.  A quiet, trickling stream or fountain will give you a place to reflect and relax.  But, you may also want to install a water feature that will add a visual pop for you and your guests and that may be a larger fountain with special features.  Additionally, many homeowners opt to install a water feature in a strategic location to mitigate street or neighborhood noise.  For this purpose you may want a water feature that is a bit noisier to accomplish your goal while still providing beauty.

Once you have determined location and intended use it is time to choose materials and features.  When choosing materials for your water feature the options are as vast as your mind can imagine.  First, consider your home’s architecture and existing landscape design aesthetic.  You will want to choose a water feature with materials that coordinate with the rest of the home and landscape for a seamless look.  Water features can be made of concrete, brick, natural stone and more.  Next, when choosing a water feature for your landscape you can think about the specific features you want it to have.  Water features can be large or small to accommodate any size landscape.   A simple fountain can add beauty and tranquility to even the smallest of landscapes – any size landscape can truly benefit from a water feature.  Fountains and waterfalls add something unique to look at in your landscape which adds a layer of aesthetic appeal.  You can also choose materials that are very natural looking to create a stream or pond that blends with your landscape to add a subdued but beautiful feature.  Water features can be very simple or incredibly detailed.  Some can light up, spray water, have spouts that pour water and more.  Some simply trickle a small amount of water quietly while others pour a large amount of water with a more distinct sound and visual feature.   When it comes to water features, there is a size, style, material and feature for every homeowner and every taste.  Whatever the size or style of the landscape, a water feature will add beauty, interest and relaxation that is unparalled.

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