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Just like home decor eventually goes out of style, or you simply grow tired of it, the same can happen with your landscape. If you have lived in your home for some time, or have just moved in but the landscape is not your style, you may be considering giving your landscape a much needed facelift. You do not have to rip out every last plant or scrape the yard clean down to the dirt to give it the look you want.   There are many ways to give your yard a facelift for any budget and any design style.

If your landscape is looking a little drab and you are ready to give it a fresh new look, the best thing to do is evaluate your landscape. What do you like and what do you hate. Start by determining what you want to salvage from the old landscape because this will help you save money.   Once you have determined what you are keeping, it will be time to start removing what you are not keeping. Any time you are preparing for a makeover, it is always best to start with a clean slate. Next, you should make plans for the new yard. This is where many people choose to hire a landscape designer that can offer their expertise and knowledge about planning a landscape. Not only will they know what plants will grow best in your climate, they will know how to arrange them so that they look their best and how to best layout the overall design of your landscape to maximize space and bring to life the visions you have in your head. Whether or not you hire a landscape designer, it is important to create a drawing of your yard so that you can make plans for what you will need, where it will go and begin to see what will work and what will not work. When designing your new landscape, consider defining spaces within your yard. Perhaps you want to have a lounge area with a big, comfy couch or some club chairs and a coffee table.   Define a cooking area with a dedicated outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, and a dining area with a dining set and some beautiful outdoor lighting. If you are planning for a garden, designate a space and consider adding a beautiful path to get to the area. Plan now for all of the small details that will truly make the space special and it will make it much easier to bring it to life. If you do not have a patio, consider installing a new patio. It can be done on just about any budget and designed to fit any yard. A designated patio will anchor the yard and help you create an outdoor living space that you can enjoy. Next, when giving your landscape a facelift, think about variety and beauty. Do not just plant all one flower, or all one color or just one kind of tree. Variety is the spice of life and yoru landscape is no exception to the rule. Different textures, colors, sizes and styles will help vary your landscape and make it more visually appealing. But, be careful not to go too overboard. While variety is good, you do not necessarily want 30 different kinds of plants. Select a few to use throughout the yard so that it does not look disjointed and wild but cohesive and appealing. With some new plants or trees, a new path or patio and a fresh design that is thought out and centered around your lifestyle and aesthetic, your landscape facelift will bring a new life your yard and joy to your home.

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