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Weed Prevention Tips

You can plant, water, fertilize and tri your landscape every week but one thing seems to be inevitable – weeds.  Weeds can feel like an unending battle, especially if they are neglected after something like a big rain storm.  All of the sudden, where there was once no weeds, it seems to have turned into […]

How to Create a Thriving Lawn in Any Climate

If you have a home in the Southwest, or in Arizona specifically, you know that the hot and dry weather can make growing anything outside challenging at different times during the year.  Grass can certainly be grown in Arizona but if you want to avoid that patchy, brown, brittle, dried out lawn that often happens […]

Spring Landscaping Projects

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the temperatures are beginning to warm up. Spring is here and now that the cold winter has gone it is time to start tending to landscape. There is no better time than the spring the maintain your yard's landscape.

Arizona Planting Season – What to Plant and When

Planting trees, plants, flowers, shrubs, vegetables and fruit can lead to a beautiful landscape and delicious fresh food. But, Arizona has a climate that swings from quite pleasant with occasional bouts of cold all the way to sweltering heat. Because of the varying temperatures throughout the year, there are times when planting new plants of any kind should be avoided and times of the year when it is ideal for optimal growth.

Importance of Regular Lawn Care

A beautiful and lush green lawn is often the envy of the neighborhood. Many people struggle to keep their lawns looking their best all year long because they do not know how to properly take care of their lawn. A patchy looking lawn with dead grass is not only unappealing but it makes your home's appearance less attractive as well. Proper lawn maintenance goes beyond simply watering and mowing […]

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