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3 Trees To Plant to Increase Privacy

As homeowners we all want our own place that we can call our own, make our home and enjoy the benefits of privacy that comes with homeownership. But, sometimes, we find that our homes and landscapes may offer less privacy than we would like.

All About Water Features

A well designed landscape is often a direct reflection of the homeowners ideal landscape oasis.  For some, this is a serene and tranquil escape and for others it is filled with outdoor activities and fun.  Whatever that perfect landscape is for you, one way to create beauty, relaxation, visual interest and fun is with a […]

What Are Retaining Walls & How Are They Used in Landscape Design?

Retaining walls are one of those landscape design elements that do not sound particularly exciting but they not only functional but beautiful as well.  Retaining walls, first and foremost, are used to control drainage and reduce erosion.  Rainwater and water from you irrigation system are all influenced by gravity.  As you water or experience rain, […]

4 Flowers That Grow Well in Hot & Dry Climates

Having a landscape full of beautiful blooming flowers is the dream for many homeowners.  But, in a hot and dry climate like Arizona has, keeping flowers vibrant and beautiful, and sometimes just keeping them alive, can be a challenge.  While all plants need consistent water to thrive, in a hot and dry climate keeping plants […]

Privacy and Noise Reduction Through Landscaping

Landscape can be used to do a great many things. It can be used for beauty, tranquility, entertaining, visual interest, recreation and much more. For some homeowners who may live near busy streets or very active neighbors, landscaping can actually be used for noise reduction and privacy.

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