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48If you have a home in the Southwest, or in Arizona specifically, you know that the hot and dry weather can make growing anything outside challenging at different times during the year.  Grass can certainly be grown in Arizona but if you want to avoid that patchy, brown, brittle, dried out lawn that often happens in the summer a lawn must be properly maintained.  A lush and beautiful green lawn is attainable in Arizona by following the tips below.





  • When initially choosing how to install grass, sod is the best way to go. Grass can, of course, be grown from seeds but the best and quickest route to a thick and lush lawn is by choosing to lay sod.
  • Plant Bermuda grass for a lawn that will keep coming back every year. Bermuda grass goes dormant in the fall and begins growing again around May. Bermuda grass does not have to be replanted every year, after it goes dormant it will begin to grow again on its own with proper care.
  • For a cool season grass that you can enjoy during the beautiful Arizona winter months, consider planting either Tall Fescue or Perennial Rye. Annual Rye can be planted every winter but if you choose Perennial Rye instead it will come back every year.
  • Stay away from mowing your lawn too closely. Scalping your lawn by mowing it too closely will do more damage than good.  Short grass uses more water so keep grass a little longer for a healthier and more water-efficient lawn.
  • Water your lawn deeply. It may seem tempting to water every day for a short length of time but it is actually better for your lawn to water less frequently but more deeply.
  • Do not forge to fertilize your lawn. Many homeowners know that they need to water their lawn and mow it but often neglect to fertilize it.  Phoenix Home and Garden offers some advice for how to properly fertilize your lawn, ““Use a fertilizer with a complete nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium ratio such as 21-7-14, 16-6-8 or similar,” advises Dewey. “You’ll only need to buy one type of fertilizer that you can use all year long.” Dewey fertilizes once per month during Bermuda’s active growing season, from April through October. If your lawn will be overseeded with winter ryegrass, discontinue feeding in September and October to prepare for that transition. Dormant (non-overseeded) Bermuda grass does not require fertilizer during winter months (November through March).”
  • Consult a professional landscaper to help you maintain your lawn. A professional landscaper experienced in maintaining lawns in Arizona will be able to help you keep your lawn not only surviving but thriving all year long.

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