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A backyard should be an oasis, a place to retreat and relax. You should not have to pay thousands of dollars to go on a vacation just to spend some time poolside relaxing and reading a good book. When designing your pool and patio area there are a many factors to consider so that you can create the most enjoyable area for your personal preferences and needs. How you design the shape of your pool will depend on taste and intended use and how big you design your pool and patio area will depend on how much existing space you have to work with on your property. You want to define the area around the pool and patio but you also want it to blend nicely with the rest of your landscape design.

When choosing the appropriate size and layout for your pool and patio, bigger is not always better.   Your budget will determine certain decisions but even with the biggest budget imaginable, bigger does not equal better. You need to carefully consider the amount of space you have in your yard so that your pool size does not eat into the rest of your landscape or patio area. After all, what good is having a giant pool if you have nowhere to sit around it and relax or entertain guests. Once the appropriate size has been determined, pool shape needs to be decided. Choosing a pool shape will likely be influenced by the overall design aesthetic of the home. If you have a fairly rustic home, it might look strange to have a very modern, streamlined and sleek looking pool, you may opt for more of a free formed and natural look, and vice versa.

Next, you may want to consider specific design elements such as water features like waterfalls or perhaps a negative edge. A waterfall into the pool or a negative edge with a waterfall will create a very relaxing trickling water sound that is beautiful and pleasing to the ear. Another design feature to consider is a beach entry or a shallow area in which you could lay and relax without being completely submerged in water. It is also a nice area for young children to enjoy being in the pool without having to tread water. If you like to play a lot of games in your pool like volleyball or basketball, you may not want a particularly deep pool or you may prefer to have a diving pool. Each home and homeowners needs are different and should be considered in the design of the pool.

When designing the area around your pool you want to ensure that there is enough patio to place lounge chairs or comfortable seating so that you can still enjoy being outside near the pool even if you are not in the water. There are many different types of surfaces that can be installed depending on aesthetic preferences as well as practical choices such as how much heat can be felt on a surface. If you have small children or are particularly concerned about the surface becoming too hot, there are certainly some surfaces that should be avoided. Potential patio surfaces include natural stone, poured concrete, stamped concrete, travertine, kool deck, pavers, brick, tile and wood. You could choose to use one specific surface material or a mix of materials to create your desired look. Lastly, when choosing decor for your patio think about two things: form and function. Let your interior decor and overall home style influence your patio decor. If your home’s design is primarily modern, it is likely you will choose complimentary decor, the same could be said for any other design aesthetic. But do not forget to consider how you plan to spend time around the pool. If you love to lounge, choose to have lounge chairs, but do not neglect to have things like a tables on which you can place food or drinks. Also, you may want to have a fire pit near the pool and patio area so that you can enjoy the war fire while still being near the pool if you have guests enjoying both. When you consider lifestyle and design preferences in your decision, your pool and patio area are sure to be a relaxing and enjoyable escape, right in your own backyard.

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