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Designing a patio, driveway, pathway or anything else requires careful consideration and planning.  How big?  What shape?  What will the design pattern be?  What is the overall aesthetic you are hoping to achieve?  And, most importantly, what materials will you use?  For many, this decision boils down to choosing between pavers or stamped concrete.

There are many factors that will help you choose between pavers or stamped concrete.  In the decision making process one of the most important things to consider is budget.  Stamped concrete tends to be less expensive than pavers but this may depend on the intricacy of the design and how complicated it is to achieve.  But, just because it is typically less expensive does not mean it is the “lesser” option.  The decision depends heavily on personal style and taste as well as where you are working.  Stamped concrete can be designed to look like literally anything.  The options available today with stamped concrete are truly astonishing.  It can be stamped in any pattern and stained in any color so there are a wide variety of options available.  Additionally, it is sealed so it will hold up well in all weather and can resist pool chemicals.  Additionally, stamped concrete is, more or less, one continuous slab so the tripping hazard concern is far less than with pavers.  Because it is one slab, weeds cannot grow up so you know it will always look great.  But, to be fair, it is important to weigh the cons of stamped concrete as well.  Stamped concrete will crack and chip over time and seamless repairs can be difficult to achieve.

Pavers are a beautiful addition to any home and, like stamped concrete, there are a wide variety of options when choosing design and overall look.  Today there are pavers that look like just about anything and come in a huge variety of sizes, styles, colors and patterns to suit any architectural style and personal preference.  Pavers are not drastically more expensive than poured concrete and can even be quite comparable in price.  Additionally, because they are individual units, repairs are as easy as removing the broken paver and replacing it with a new one.  Additionally, pavers hold up quite well in all weather conditions because they are very durable.  In fact, once installed over sand they actually increase their structural capacity over time.  This means they will stand the test of time.  The one thing you may have to deal with over time is that you may need to fill in additional sand between pavers from time to time or pull the occasional weed.  Overall, both are great candidates for use outside any home and it boils down to personal style preference and budget.

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