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Landscape can be used to do a great many things.  It can be used for beauty, tranquility, entertaining, visual interest, recreation and much more.  For some homeowners who may live near busy streets or very active neighbors, landscaping can actually be used for noise reduction and privacy.  The very landscaping that enhances the beauty of a yard can serve the additional purpose of creating a tranquil environment through noise reduction and increased privacy.  But plants cannot just be placed anywhere in a yard to reduce noise or increase privacy; strategy and planning are quite important.

The first strategy when you want to use your landscape to increase privacy and reduce noise is to use tall barriers to fight noise.  The higher structural walls are surrounding your property, the better noise will be reduced.  But, to better improve the effectiveness of a barrier wall in deflecting noise, combine it with a plant.  When plants or vines are added to walls, they better reduce the noise that makes its way into your yard because they absorb noise.  Walls deflect noise from entering and plants absorb it so rather than just having one form of noise reduction, you use two and vastly improve noise reduction.  Next, it is wise to choose plants for your property by their ability to absorb noise.  Plants that have more dense foliage and wider leaves will better absorb noise.  Additionally, by installing both dense plants and high barrier walls, you will not only reduce noise but significantly increase privacy in your yard.  The next way to increase privacy, particularly from homes two story homes and also reduce noise is with the use of large, lush trees.  Everything from the thick trunk, to the substantial branches to the large and full leaves will help reduce noise and provide privacy.  As an added bonus, these types of trees are quite beautiful and provide a good amount of shade.

Lastly, one of the best defenses against noise in your yard is to combat it with white noise.  While this may sound like it will simply just be adding noise to noise, creating a stressful environment, it will actually have the opposite effect.  By reducing noise through the methods previously discussed, and adding white noise, you will create a peaceful and tranquil environment.  The white noise, such as a stream in the yard, or a water features such as a water fall or fountain, will be closer in proximity to the other noise you want to reduce.  The appealing and beautiful sound you have selected will mask the other sounds, so that those are no longer apparent or even audible.  Speak with a professional landscaper who is experienced and knowledgeable in noise reduction and privacy enhancement so that you can create the outdoor environment you want through landscape design.

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