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Most homeowners have a yard in which they can enjoy spending many hours enjoying the great outdoors. In Arizona, weather is so beautiful the majority of the year that many homeowners want to spend their time in the yard, relaxing and taking advantage of ideal weather conditions. Each person has their own interests, design aesthetics and taste that will determine how they design their backyard. Some people love to entertain guests with large barbecues, others want to have a pool party, and some want to spend quiet hours tending their garden. Whatever design you choose, it is always nice to enhance your yard with pathways and patios. A patio is an ideal place to create a comfortable outdoor living space with furniture where you can unwind at the end of the day or where you can host friends on a warm summer night. Pathways are a nice touch in any yard and make walking from one place to another much easier and, perhaps, less messy for shoes. Planning for a path or a patio will involve some pre-planning. Not only will you need to determine location, layout and size but also, what materials you will use to construct your path or patio. Below we discuss the various patio and path options for your yard.

  • Brick

Brick pavers are timeless and classic. There are different colors of brick pavers that can match most landscape designs or styles and they can be arranged in a number of attractive patterns. You can lay them out in a simple pattern or make it as intricate and unique as you want. Also, brick pavers are relatively inexpensive and easy to purchase and install.

  • Natural Stone

Flagstone, slate, limestone and other natural stone has a beautiful, natural appearance and makes for a lovely path or patio. They are irregularly shaped so that you can arrange a pattern that looks naturally formed in its environment. Because the stone is a natural element, it will stand up very well to weather and wear and tear. It is typically a little more time consuming to install because thickness may vary and because each piece varies in shape, it will take longer to arrange the desired pattern.

  • Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers have become very popular for their ease of use and durability. Pavers are manufactured to look like many different types of stone and have various shapes, patterns, prints and designs. They are designed to be laid in various patterns so any size path or patio is possible as well as any formation. They are popular among DIYers because of their ease of use. Because of the vast array of styles and patterns, they will work well with any design aesthetic.

  • Concrete Slab

A concrete slab may sound boring but it is anything but. Concrete can be poured in any formation you can dream of and can be finished in a variety of way. Concrete can be stamped, brushed, acid washed, stained and more. Concrete does not have to be boring and is a very cost effective option.

  • Patio Tiles

Tile is not just for the inside of your home, there are patios that work well outside as well. Patio tiles are often made of clay and are unglazed, though glazed tiles can be used around the edges as accents. While clay tile is a great option, if it is going to see a lot of traffic or you plan to entertain a lot, it is not the most durable option and you may want to consider another option.

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