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64You can plant, water, fertilize and tri your landscape every week but one thing seems to be inevitable – weeds.  Weeds can feel like an unending battle, especially if they are neglected after something like a big rain storm.  All of the sudden, where there was once no weeds, it seems to have turned into a weed paradise.  Whether you have a large landscape to maintain or a small landscape, the battle against weeds is frustrating but it does not have to be fruitless.

The first step in weed prevention is to ensure that your landscape is regularly maintained.  You may see a weed or two pop up and think you will get around to picking them.  Then there are ten, then 20, and all of the sudden, hundreds.  Do not let your landscape become overrun with weeds, instead, allow a professional landscaper to come and help you fend off annoying invaders on a regular basis.  there are many ways to prevent weed growth – both chemical and non-chemical.  There are many perfectly safe chemical options but if you are growing edible plants in a garden, or have young children or pets, you may prefer a more natural route of weed prevention.  First, if weeds have already overtaken your landscape, the best time to get to work on removal is right after a big rain storm because ground will be moist and getting the entire weed and its entire root will be much easier.  Do not just pull them and leave them on the ground, they could actually manage to survive and grow back!  Remove the weeds entirely and then you can prepare your landscape for better weed prevention going forward.  Next, do not over-till the land.  When adding new plants to your landscape do so in fresh mulch or compost so that weed seeds are not brought to surface to get sunlight and grow.  Mulch is very effective at keeping plants moist while providing an effective sunlight blocking system for weeds. When manual weeding will just not get the job done and you want to break out the big guns, synthetic herbicide can help get rid of weeds.  These need to be used carefully and by someone who knows what they are doing because when used incorrectly they could kill plants and grass that you do not want to kill and can also be dangerous to humans and pets.  Additionally, do not overwater your yard where it does not need it.  Install a drip system in the yard so that you can water everything that needs water without inadvertently watering the weeds as well.  All of these things can be accomplished effectively by a professional landscaper who can help you install a drip system and properly maintain your landscape so that excessive growth of weeds become a problem of the past.

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