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A beautiful green lawn, lush trees and plants and vibrant flowers all make for a beautiful landscape at any home.  Every homeowner may hope to have a landscape paradise to enjoy and for much of the year, Arizona’s climate is very conducive to healthy and beautiful landscape.  But, the harsh, furnace-like climate that happens during the summer can pose a looming threat to your landscape.  For this reason, Arizona landscape must be carefully cared for and maintained and, if it is, it can flourish beautifully all year long. It is important to have a professional landscaper maintain your landscape throughout the year but it is also important to fertilize periodically.  Some things will grow and grow with almost no attention but other plants are more nutrient dependant.  All plants can benefit from fertilizer but some need it to truly survive and thrive.  Below we discuss what needs to be fertilized and what the proper fertilization schedule for Arizona is so that you can give your landscape the care and love that it needs throughout the year.

1. Fruit Trees

  • What could be better than fruit trees?  They are beautiful to look at, provide shade and also provide a significant amount of fresh home-grown fruit to yoru household.  Fruit trees should be fertilized at least once per year but ideally a few times each year – in February, May and September.  Consult your local nursery or home improvement store because there are special fertilizers made specifically for fruit trees to help them grow and thrive.

2. Flowering Plants and Shrubs

  • Plants and shrubs that flower, such as rose bushes, can be fertilized each month.  It is not necessary to fertilize in December or January due to the weather conditions that affect growth but every other month of the year flowering plants and shrubs should be fertilized.

3. Bulbs

  • Bulbs are a beautiful, soft addition to any landscape.  They need to be fertilized every six weeks during growing season but during off season it is unnecessary to fertilize.

4. Geraniums

  • Geraniums are gorgeous and vibrant.  They are slightly higher maintenance than other plants  and should be fertilized each week during growing season.

5. Perennial and Annual Plants

  • Perennial and annual plants are beautiful and must be fertilized monthly during growing season to keep them looking their best.

6. Hedges and Shrubs

  • Hedges and shrubs, while not as nutrient dependant as other plants, still need fertilizing.  They should be fertilized in February, May and September to keep them looking their best.

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