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When you have carefully designed a beautiful landscape for your home, you want to be able to enjoy it all the time – so why should all of that hard work disappear at night? Well-planned and intentionally placed landscape lighting can make a significant impact on how landscape is perceived when the sun has gone down. But, landscape lighting is not purely for aesthetics, it also enhances safety as you walk around your property because you and your guests will be able to better see where you are walking. Additionally, landscape lighting enhances security around your property because you will be able to better see what is happening on your property or if someone or something has entered onto your property. Landscape lighting will highlight the beauty of your property and provide the aforementioned benefits, all while also adding value to your home.

Your home has a beautiful exterior and you have carefully chosen each plant, flower and stone for walkways throughout your yard. Those decisions were made so that the beauty of your property would be highlighted when you enjoyed spending time outside or when you hosted guests. Landscape lighting can be strategically placed so that interesting architectural features are highlighted, beautiful plants are illuminated and important safety features such as walkways are brightened. Well-placed landscape lighting helps the viewer make sense of what they are seeing and enjoy that view through creating cohesion and depth with lighting as well as creating focal points. Landscape lighting is more than a flood light on a motion sensor that blinds you when you accidentally trip it. When landscape lighting is designed properly there is balance and symmetry that invites the viewer to feel comfortable, at peace and welcome.

In addition to highlighting special features of your home or landscape design while enhancing aesthetic appeal, landscape lighting enhances safety. Trying to walk along a path or through a yard without any light in the dark evening hours can be treacherous because you cannot see where you are placing your feet. If you have steps or elevation changes at all, without lighting, walking becomes even more treacherous. Not only can you or a family member injure yourselves but a guest could injure themselves, which you would be liable for. Prevent needless injuries and pain and with landscape lighting make your landscape not only fun and inviting, but safe as well.

Beyond safety, home security is important as well. If you have a property but cannot see what is happening on it because it is dark, it may be frightening or dangerous. You hear a noise but are not sure if someone is on your property or if the wind is simply blowing. Landscape lighting increases security because you will be able to see what is happening on your property. Additionally, landscape lighting acts as a deterrent as criminals will be less likely to choose your well-lit property because it is more exposed to the public and will likely move on.

Landscape lighting is aesthetically pleasing because it highlights features and enhances the overall beauty of your home and property. It also provides two very important benefits: increased safety and security. And, by installing landscape lighting, it is an investment that will enhance the value of your home as well. Should you decide to move, landscape lighting will add value to your selling price and also make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Landscape lighting is a worthwhile investment that can truly benefit any homeowner.

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