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How to Create a Zen Backyard

Creating a "Zen space" has become a catchy phrase that is uttered by many interior designers or homeowners looking to decorate their home. They may want to create a Zen-like space for its relaxing properties but a Zen space is about more than relaxation.

How to Choose the Best Pathway Material for Your Landscape

In any landscape there is both hardscape and softscape.  Softscape are things like grass, plants, trees, shrubs, etc.  Hardscape includes things like pathways, retaining walls, physical structures and more.  Every landscape needs both hardscape and softscape to achieve balance and be aesthetically pleasing.  Pathways are hardscape and are not only pretty but incredibly useful in […]

Softscape vs. Hardscape

If you have taken on a landscaping project at your home, or are looking too, you will need to familiarize yourself with some landscaping terminology. Some terms that will likely be thrown around quite a bit are softscaping and hardscaping.

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