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Front yard landscaping is important.  Your front yard is the cover to your book and make no mistake, people will judge a book by its cover.  A well landscaped front yard is beautiful, inviting and a reflection of the home itself.  If a front yard is poorly landscaped it will indicate a lack of caring and set the tone for the experience a visitor will have in your home.  And, if you are trying to sell your home, curb appeal can make all the difference and may even be the deciding factor when someone is choosing what homes to consider buying.  Whether landscaping your front yard for selling or to create the ideal home in which to live, front yard landscape should not be neglected because it is the first thing someone will experience when visiting your home and you want that to be a positive experience. You have invested in your home and to make the most of that investment it is important to properly landscape your front yard.  Below are a list of our DOs and DON’Ts when landscaping your front yard.

  • DO: Start With a Plan
    • Your front yard’s boring, drab or neglected appearance may suddenly get on your nerves so much that you decide to run to the nearest nursery, buy every plant that is interesting or pretty and promptly run home and plant each one of them. Before you know it, you have a disorganized, chaotic looking landscape that is no better than what you started with.  You must start with a plan so that you ensure you are properly placing plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and all other hardscape elements in a harmonious way that is pleasing to the eye and appropriate for the growth and care of the plants.
  • DON’T: Be Afraid to Start Fresh
    • If there is existing growth in your front yard and it is either overgrown, ugly, or you just want to make a change, do not be afraid to pull it out. There is a cost to landscaping but when it is done right it will more than pay for itself and there is no need to sacrifice the beauty of your front yard for a few shrubs that you do not like.
  • DO: Set a Budget
    • Just like decorating a home or remodeling, without a budget, things can quickly get out of hand. Determine a budget beforehand and prioritize what you want to see accomplished.  If you have your heart set on a few things then focus the budget appropriately.  You can design an incredible front yard on just about any budget but having a predetermined budget will help you focus and prioritize your goals for your front yard.
  • DON’T: Overdo It
    • It can be tempting to design a front yard that competes with the nearest resort or botanical garden but be careful. Make sure plants will fare well in your climate and that they can be maintained.  Speak to your landscape designer and maintenance crew beforehand to make sure you design a beautiful front yard that can also be managed and maintained properly.
  • DO: Think Curb Appeal
    • Even if you are not selling your home, but especially if you think you will be, stand on the sidewalk or walk across the street and look at the landscape. What looks goo when you are standing right in your yard or looking at an aerial view or drawing will look different then if you had just driven up to the home.  Look from different angles to see what you like and what highlights your home’s features.

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