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When you go on vacation staying at a resort and enjoying all that it has to offer, including its grounds, induces the ultimate sense of relaxation, luxury and fun.  If we could all stay on vacation we probably would, but alas, everyone has to return home.  But, rather than returning to a home with a boring landscape where you feel trapped inside all year long because there is nothing to enjoy outside you could transform your home and create the resort-like luxury right in your own backyard.  When you explore the grounds of a resort it is often lush, impeccably designed, features beautiful touches like flowers, shrubs, succulents and more.  There are beautiful pools, water features, ponds, and an array of interesting hardscape features.  By designing your dream backyard and recreating that resort luxury that you love you can enjoy your landscape and experience that relaxation all year long.

Creating your own personal resort oasis with your landscape involves a lot of decision making based on personal preference but there are some common features that will help guide your decisions.  One thing that is sure to create a resort-like feeling in your yard, and provide a lot of fun and entertaining potential is a swimming pool.  Whether large or small, you are sure to feel like you are on vacation with a swimming pool right in your own backyard. In addition to a pool you may want to add an in-ground jacuzzi spa for the=ultimate way to unwind at the end of a day.  Around your pool you may want to add other water features because the sound of trickling water is not only soothing but helps reduce outside neighborhood noise.  Surrounding your pool a patio slab or paver patio will allow you to put some lounge chairs for reading a good book next to the pool.  Install a large patio cover, pergola or arbor for some shade from the sun when you just want to enjoy the great outdoors but do not want to risk a sunburn.   Laying under your pergola next to your pool will make you feel like you have rented an expensive cabana at your favorite resort.  And what is some time outside in your beautiful landscape without some food?  Install an outdoor kitchen with any features you desire to make outdoor entertaining, or just grilling on a weeknight, easy and enjoyable.  Add some pathways and landscape lights to highlight unique features throughout your yard and provide a safe path to walk around and enjoy your landscape oasis.  With all of your hardscape decisions in place you can add in things like grass, flowers, shrubs, succulents and any other plants or water features throughout your landscape to add beauty and enhance the overall design.  Each of these luxurious options will come together to create the resort-like experience you love on vacation but in your own backyard you can enjoy it whenever you want!

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