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A well balanced, beautiful landscape contains color, variation of plants, both soft and hardscape and even water features.  There are many kinds of plans, flowers, shrubs and more that add depth and life to a landscape – each with its own unique qualities.  Succulents are a wonderful way to add visual interest to a landscape and they also bring additional benefits because they do not need to be watered as frequently.  Because succulents do not require as much water they are an eco-friendly choice and will even save money on utility bills while still providing the same level of beauty as other plants.

Succulents make for wonderful addition to landscape because they come in such a wide array of color, textures and sizes.  Because they do not grow quickly or typically get overgrown they make an ideal landscaping tool for landscapes with limited space.  Succulents make for a wonderful accent to any landscape but they must be placed appropriately.  Succulents do not thrive in incredibly moist soil so their placement must be carefully considered.  If you want to put them in a location that does get a lot of moisture consider elevating them on a soil and rock mound so that there is adequate drainage and soil so that the ground in which they are growing does not become overly moistened.  Succulents are just about the only plants where the general rule of thumb is water them less and they will be fine.  In fact, succulents can practically be ignored and will still survive.  Succulents lend a sculptural element to design so while they look lovely with other succulents they also balance beautifully with softer floral elements or plants.  While succulents look great in dirt or mulch, they look really nice among rocks and may even fair better because the environment will be naturally less moist.  Use succulents along pathways or to add visual distinction between areas of design as well.  Succulents can even be planted in patterns which is always appealing because the human eye is attracted to repetition.  In addition to planting them in the ground you can also place pots throughout your landscape or on your patio, deck or porch filled with succulents.  They will be easy to maintain and can handle almost any seasonal elements while simultaneously bringing nature right up into your living and recreational spaces.  Succulents look nice standing alone and look great in groupings as well.  Succulents are so versatile and easy to care for that they make an ideal addition to any landscape.  Consult your landscape designer for advice and recommendations as to what succulents to plant in your landscape, and where.

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