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The harsh Arizona summers have a tendency to dry out lawns but as the seasons change it is time to watch things come back to life.  Overseeding your grass will help give your lawn a new vibrancy that has been missing and allow it to become full and green.  By seasonally overseeding you can hopefully achieve a year-round green lawn to enjoy.  While Bermuda grass is great during the summer it will brown during the winter months.  The solution to this problem is to overseed.  Overseeding typically is recommended during the month of October before temperatures begin to drop so that the seeds have a chance to take hold and begin to grow.  Overseeding each season will help you grass look beautiful throughout the year.

Your landscaper will likely recommend that you overseed during the month of October.  They will likely recommend that you seed with Rye grass for a beautiful green lawn during the winter months.  While the process is relatively simple, it is one that is best left to your landscaper because they know how to properly prepare your lawn, overseed and ensure that the seeds take hold and begin to grow as they should.  Your landscaper will begin by mowing your lawn tight and very low to prepare it for the new seed.  The reason for this is the seed must come in contact with the soil to germinate and grow properly.  If existing grass is too long the seed will not reach the soil that it needs to grow and it will not take hold.  Before spreading seed, your landscaper will also likely aerate your lawn.  Next, your landscaper will spread the seed over your lawn.  Depending on the size of your lawn it will be anywhere from 5-10 pounds of ryegrass seed per 1,000 square feet of lawn.  Additionally, a starter fertilizer will also be applied to give the seed the boost it needs to get going.  In the days after overseeding it is important to keep the fertilizer moist with frequent watering.  Your landscaper will likely program your watering system to water once or twice per day (or possibly even more) at first so that fertilizer remains continually moist at all times.  This will help the new seed to thrive in its environment and soon you will see the beginnings of new green grass popping up.  You will soon have beautiful green grass to enjoy all winter.  When the Spring arrives ensure that your lawn is being kept relatively short (2-3 inches) and your Bermuda grass will begin to grow through the Rye grass and your summer grass will return.


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