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Types of Materials for Paths and Patios

Most homeowners have a yard in which they can enjoy spending many hours enjoying the great outdoors. In Arizona, weather is so beautiful the majority of the year that many homeowners want to spend their time in the yard, relaxing and taking advantage of ideal weather conditions. Each person has their own interests, design aesthetics […]

Lawn Care Basics

Do you find yourself longingly looking at your neighbor’s lawn and wondering how they keep it so perfectly manicured and green all year long? For many homeowners, their lawn is a sign of pride of home ownership and it is important to keep it in pristine condition. But if your lawn looks dried out, dead, […]

How to Give Your Backyard a Landscape Facelift

Just like home decor eventually goes out of style, or you simply grow tired of it, the same can happen with your landscape. If you have lived in your home for some time, or have just moved in but the landscape is not your style, you may be considering giving your landscape a much needed […]

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