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Transplanting or transporting a cactus is not something that should be left to the inexperienced. Transplanting a cactus requires a special set of skills, experience, and tools that we at Mitschele's Landscape Design possess. While the naturally prickly surface of the cactus poses a challenge for transportation, we are capable of safely transporting and transplanting a full grown cactus without causing damage to the cactus itself, as well as to anyone or anything in its surroundings.

Homeowners, builders, nurseries, and businesses repeatedly use us for their cactus transplant and transport needs because they know that we are the best at what we do, providing professional and reliable service to all of our clients. Whether you have small barrel cacti, beautiful cholla, or large saguaro that need transportation and transplantation in your landscape, at Mitschele's Landscape design, we can safely and effectively do so in a way that encourages survival. We have over 35 years of extensive experience and look forward to helping you with your cactus transportation and transplantation needs.