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Arizona is known for having beautiful weather for the majority of the year. Because so much time can be spent outside enjoying the weather, many people choose to turn their yard into their own personal oasis. One way to create a luxurious backyard escape is to install a fire pit or waterfall. By adding these features, you enhance the beauty of your yard, add value to your property and create a luxurious escape to enjoy again and again.

A fire pit creates a cozy ambience for you, your family and your guests to gather around and enjoy. A fire pit or fireplace can be designed in any style to fit personal taste and aesthetics and to blend naturally with the landscape design. Our team of highly experienced landscape designers will help you design the perfect fireplace for your home's landscape. Another wonderful feature that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own backyard is a waterfall. Waterfalls are an incredibly beautiful feature to add to any landscape and the sound is very soothing. At Mitschele's Landscape Maintenance, our team will design your waterfall to be artistically formed and naturally blended into the landscape. While you and your guests enjoy the aesthetic qualities of the waterfall, you will also enjoy the musical sounds of falling water and truly be lulled into relaxation.