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The hot, dry Arizona climate can be challenging when trying to create a thriving and beautiful landscape. To properly maintain your landscape, it is important to have a sprinkler or irrigation system installed as well as maintained. At Mitschele's Landscape Maintenance, our landscape design experts will help you plan, install and implement a sprinkler or irrigation system to ensure your landscape grows and blooms beautifully. Additionally, from time to time sprinkler and irrigation systems become damaged or break and we will help you repair them so that your landscape does not suffer in any way.

Sprinklers and irrigation systems take all of the guess work and hassle out of maintaining your landscape. They can be programmed to accommodate the specific needs of your landscape on a day to day basis, as well as seasonally, so that nothing is neglected or forgotten. With our sprinkler and irrigation services, your landscape will receive the water needed to fight the hot Arizona climate and look its absolute best all year long.